OPI is the first Intelligent Support System based on sensors and artificial intelligence. OPI helps you making the best decisions, preventing plant diseases and deal with an increasingly unpredictable climate.

Thanks to the constant micro-climate monitoring, you will irrigate and use chemicals only when really needed. You will save money and get a healthier, more abundant yield, with minimum environmental impact.

With OPI you can:

Monitor in real time your crops, everywhere you are

Manage effectively the harvesting cycle

Optimize chemicals and irrigation

Get a better yield, quantity and quality wise

Improve your productive process

On-field sensors

Know in real time humidity, temperature, leaf wetness, solar radiation of your crops

Peronospora alert

defeat the Peronospora with a calendar showing the actual risk and automatic alerts

Zero residue

OPI helps you reach zero chemical residue, optimizing pesticide usage and the pre-harvest interval

Efficient irrigation

thanks to the accurate water need calculation, OPI suggests when to irrigate, saving water and time

Crops analysis

analyze the data history to have a perfect understanding of what happened to your plants

Immediate control

get the complete picture of your crops at glance with the charts

Field log

take note of every relevant event and share them with your co-workers

Customized notifications

set the value thresholds for each measurement based on your own experience and get automatic alerts


OPI is also available for indoor farming, complete with a CO2 sensor


OPI is designed for the hard work. It is wireless and solar-powered. 100% waterproof, it is resistant and has no detachable parts.

You can get your OPI with an all inclusive formula. Hardware, software, full warranty, theft and accidental damage insurance, technical assistance and training classes to make the most out of  OPI.

As practical and efficient as your farming machines, just turn it on and it works. No setup or installation needed.

OPI sports the most advanced sensors. The setup currently available includes sensors for air humidity and temperature, leaf wetness, solar radiation, CO2 and soil humidity.

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Born in 2015 and based in Naples, Italy, Evja is a constantly evolving ecosystem. It thrives with talents with solid experience in fields ranging from engineering, physics and agronomy to precision farming, artificial intelligence and international business development.

Evja is participated by BayWa and RWA, major players of the German and Austrian agricultural markets.

OPI is a product of Evja, Italian innovative startup born in Naples in 2015. Evja is an ever-evolving ecosystem of talents, with long run experience in engineering, physics, agronomy, precision farming and artificial intelligence.

Evja is participated by BayWa and RWA, major players of the German and Austrian agricultural markets.

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